With the year 2012 well on its way. Harddartz is 3 in Sept! Since the concept came to being as a challenge to surf SHIPSTERNS BLUFFand test Harddartz C-channel nose to tail thrusting concave theories in 2009, we have come along way. I would just like to take the time to thank all who have given previous time to Harddartz and stayed hooked on the passion!First and foremost Peter Lawless, for his belief in my rocket science and out of the norm water science theories.As a lifetime friend and confidant, his advice, expertise and understanding have helped to grow Harddartz from its conception! An idea we both made happen,can’t thank you enough,thnx mate!

To Marti Paradisis and Mikey Brennan, for taking up my challenge, to launch Harddartz ” Extended Hydrodynamica & future planning hulls” to prove they not only work,but they are a totally new feel and EXPERIENCE!

To Russ Newman,my partner for his unconditional love and devotion to Harddartz,we’ve come along way mate, I’d be lost without you mate.
The effort you have put in, testing and managing stuff for Harddartz!

To Fletch Coulter my WA general.,,!!
For his undivided love for Harddartz and testing my mind under his feet! Giving me the honest unbiased feedback and generous praise, always showing me both sides of the coin. Testing these sea creatures to their limits! Onya “Flea”!

Thanks to Roy Lentz, for his initial interest and helping hand, not ta mention his input and invaluable photog skills. All the early “Dartz” shots were captured by Gekko,thnx fa your ideas and input and energy!

Thanks to “Shacko” web docter, for his expertise and advice.Not to mention his surfin skills, with the early, Nth Narra tests with “Flea” on the first model Harddartz . Legend

Clayton & Kelly Campion, Harddartz two genius graphics & design gurus!! You guys,, so so good! The high standard of your work makes me so proud to have you as an integral part of my company,the quality is always present within your efforts. What can i say but,Thank you both!

To Gormo for the use of his factory 2009-10.Your time,space and trade skills,templates and hospitality second to none! Eweee.!

To all the test pilots past and present;
DY crew; Scotty Crawford, Issac Buckley, Roy Lentz.Thnx lads.
Troy McNorton,WAVE KITE legend fa tests down at DeeWhy 2009,Troy couldn’t fail this baby. Couldn’t get it to let go,took testing to its limits.Thanks for proving my theory correct mate. Looking forward to your input this year as Harddartz rep nd test pilot on the Goldie!!
Flea, Shacko, Russ and the JB crew, Tom & Charlie( two gromms from Warriewood!) Still need to catch up boys! Special thnx to Alex Zawadski, Danny Griffiths, James & Ty Holmer-Cross,Brooke Phillips,a nd Tassey crew! To Chiz!! Andrew Chisholm,for all those gas shots you got of my Dartz Thnx Chiz! A true pro, love your work.

A very special big personal Harddartz thank you to Barton Lynch. You have given me more than your fair share of unpaid time mate!! You’ve been there right from the start of all this mayhem! Thnx oldson your a real ambassador for the future of surfing for Gromms in Oz Mate. We admire your big efforts! Maybe a Dart fa the Quiver would sit nice!! A ” BARTDART” Your support is heartfelt by all my crew Bart! Big thnx mate.

EMERALD ASSAULT; to the Irish lads. Mikee Hamilton the first to surf and test Harddartz models fa big wave in Europe! So good to have you as a mate and test pilot! Can’t wait for the trip this year! Brody keeps reminding me! Good ta have ya onboard Mikee. So good chattin, we’re on tha same wave mate! “Where the Lion Feeds” your expertise compliments mine, scary! Hehe.
To Paul (High Octane)Okane, for delivering Mikee’s dart safe and sound enroute Oz to Emerald. Thnx Paul.

Ralph Riddell, RETRO surfboards, Tweed Heads. My good buddy and genius, glasser, sander, guru artist and legend with all things surf!! His technique stands alone! Thnx Ralph.
Retro surfboards Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads. Your tha best!

To all the NOOSA family,Noosa festival crew, thanks for the ampt interest in Harddartz 2010! To Mark Klien, Dick Hoole, Benny Sue and Josh Constable,, how time flys!!
Bowie Pollard, Mikey, Tyrone, Nick, Riley and all the Noosa gromms, that reckon where from the future,WE ARE THE FUTURE! Thnx lads can’t wait to get you boosting’ tha new Dartz to a different degree next time.
Jodi from Kalbarri, thanks heaps for brining your keen gene over from the West and giving our Dartz a go. Stay on Board.

 To my sister and bro-inlaw, Kay &Dave Passenger, for getting me fully submerged in the love of surfing from the age of 7.Getting that brand new red Dale you made me that year, was the start of my love of making my own boards. Which,with your help I was making on my own at 10years of age!! You &Dad gave me the skills knowledge and love of what I do.thnx big bro! The Baron von Weirdo for his support and interest.
And to you Neil Cameron,good to see your still amongst it,,Teehe! Thnx for the time spent and great pics! No shortage of beautiful scenery, any direction Neil points his lens! NiceWhen I think about treasures,
Harddartz has onboard a national treasure in the form of one ,,,SCOTT DILLON. Mentor and buddy, thnx Scotty for the good times,trips away and time spent believing in my ideas!
Your expertise and advice in the engine room of surfing technology is just that nd more,, priceless.!
Founder, manufacturer,big wave, surf big…..,,,,,, 🙂
Pioneer,surfboard designer,Scotty is always there to help nd give me strait up feedback,legend old mate.Thanks for believing in me.

Ralph Woods for a stoke no matter what we do! Gordon Woods for teaching me a trick or two!
Steve O’Donnell (Sod) my Freshy elder and brother,for a lifetime of friendship and acceptance, setting me strait on more than a few occassions,his encouragement gave me the confidence to see it through!

To Damion and team at ISCA in Warriewood.
For their efforts in the fusion moulding side of Harddartz Funboard models. Close now guys! Shouldn’t be to long before we see some nice product in the shops for our more than hungry public!!
Big thanks to George for his extra work on the protoypes, great attitude buddy.

 To Uncle Dave Little from the JB mob for his beautiful art,,! Bringing some culture to the future of surfing,, too lovely Dave! Thnx man. Wakka you old legend cripple you!! Adam Williams( King Wakka I salute you my friend!) your testing of the Kneelo side ot harddartz , is just so dedicated old mate, your blog and water photography is unreal. Puts us right there with the best of em’ Onya Oldson!Biggest thnx ta Camel & Herro for putting the Dartz through its paces at Main break Marges,last month! Thnx for the figs and good times grazin at mungbeans Camel, Herro fa shredding Sth Point,DYboy,, wotchaexpect!! Got some pretty pics! Thnx for your stoke in the science guys,good to get such a good wrap off two of the best “watermen”
ta get wet!! Thnx again

To NR Surfboards Margaret River!
Thnx ta Nathan, Dutts md Pugs for your time and good humor,stoked to work with you boys,good vibes in da house!! Tony Harding hovering,
gas ta see Rob Conneely about the factory, legend,, a planning hull specialist, a blast from the past, thanks for the chats and for spending the time old master!

HARDDARTZ will be holding a promo contest invitational, open to Gromms aged 5-15years! Keep an eye open for more info towards spring.stayed hooked up guys!

Looking forward through the year ahead, HARDDARTZ has lots planned; we are just about to launch our new website! Advertising space will be available to those companies on the same planet as Harddartz.
Our domain statistics show 114,000 hits per month 8726 unique hits per day. We are looking for companies that compliment and assimilate what we’re doing,,, taking surfing to a new realm, initiating new program’s to involve local businesses and gov depts in rural youth activities.

Working the 6Degrees in business.!
Stay onboard as Harddartz takes a giant look at what’s out of the norm, in the way of technology, science and my love of loves Hydrodynamica;
HYDRODYNAMICA 2: Is my own revisited look at Bernoulli’s, Arcemdies,Simmons, and my personal favourite Victor Shuberger theories . Harddartz boards are governed by the laws that deal with the undiscovered laws of hydromagnetics,water motion, thrust
Vortex motion, driving principle laws governing the Behaviour Of Water, is an unsolved mystery of which I have devoted a lifetime!
Keep us in your sights, we’re the one with the lights on!
Harddartz working with the future!
Boundaries what boundaries!

A final tribute to “Mr Solitude” Peter Troy,waterman,adventurer,historian whose love friendship & advice gave me strength when I was on the wrong side of the street! He pulled me out of the mire, when nobody else cared,including myself.! R.I.P.Peter