Happy in That

It's a nice place to be,
when your happy in what you do. 
It's an even nicer place to be,
when you love & like it too!

Confidence that it can be done, 
when all the odds come down at once.
To beat those odds the challenge mounted,
Men are made that stand &are counted.!!

Truth beside courage, forged a heart of solid gold.
Forever aware it could never be sold, nor traded for love,
when one is held to randsom!

Honour is your armour,her peace is plain to see.
For she's truth and courage set in stone,
In her quest to set you free!

It's a nice place to be when,
your happy AND your free!

It's a even nicer place to be when,
at peace you turn that corner.
Greeted by the calm breeze,
and warm sun,upon the waters!