The Irish Harddartz crew are all good 😀
I have had some super fun sessions on the Harddartz sea-creature over the season in 2-5 ft waves, have been amping to get her out in bigger conditions.                                                                                                                          The board goes insane on both beach and reef setups, riding the board is like nothing i have experienced. In flow and sensitivity its taught me a lot about wave dynamics. The dart is such an integral part of the wave when you ride it stalling ,trimming ,sliding, gliding n driving the Dartz is in a class of its own and like nothing i have ever surfed, paddled or duckdived.

I have been getting to know its personality over my sessions on it and really feel it has evolved my perception of surfing and board design way beyond anything I had ever dreamed of, and had so much fun .
We are planning on holding a Harddartz challenge on the best swell of the coming months to give the local lads a chance to experience the Dartz first hand. Will be looking forward to seeing some of Ireland’s hottest young progressive surfers riding her.
Harddartz will be putting up a prize for the best ride-trick we will get some video and stills for you to share in the fun and get an idea of what went down 😀
thanks for all the love n support
best wishes to all the Harddartz crew
Mikee Hamilton.