Surfing isn't just about being competitive.
There is a non competitive side to it as well. 
One where competition means big heads and not awareness of the hidden facts ,, that surfing is a STOKE of nature. EGO ABSENT,,!!
And by a Stroke of nature we are able to as its children, to submerse ourselves in a wonder filled world of natures magical university of all things fluid and rthymic!
Her way!
Our way!
The way.!!

Bruce Lee,(a wise sage) once said,,, there is no way there is your way....!
Be like water he taught with a passion.
Pour water into a glass it becomes the glass.
Be like water.

Always moving,forever knowing,
Her nursery minds all things.

We are all part of the story,, 
Play your part it's in your heart.
Play a roll it's in your SOUL!