Adapter & Express 011

This Dart is a great stepping stone for anyone wanting to indulge in surfing’s alternatives. The Splice Adapter gives you the freedom and time to transition from fin’s to c-channels. So when you’ve masted your lines with the fin’s in simply remove them and keep surfing. Plus when the swell’s on the larger size, just chuck them back in and out you go. As all Dartz this one paddles extremely well and get’s on to waves with ease. Best conditions for full enjoyment are pretty much anything from 1-6ft. Flat bottom waves and smooth walls are the go.

Our starting sizes are 5’7″, 6’0″ & 6’3″.  Custom sizes made to order.Adapter & Express 039

All orders and info emailed to

$950.00 each

Includes a free Harddartz shirt. )