Get the full experience of Harddartz C-Channels on this Fun Pencil.

Splice Express C-Channel The Splice Express Dart is a sweet thing. Complete freedom to create your new lines in the water. Allow your ability to expand with the feeling of Harddartz C-Channel Surfing. Don’t let the age of fins stop you from experimenting the alternatives. No more fin cuts or hitting them on the rocks, seaweed or others. Riding a Dart gets you thinking about how the water flows under your board which is exactly the creative thinking we love. Take it out behind the boat or ski, under the Kite, in a Wave pool or whatever you can think of. The next evolution in surf expression has arrived. Get onboard & enjoy it all!

Splice Express comes in a 5’7″, 6’0″ & 6’3″ however custom sizes can be arranged.

Orders and inquiries emailed to

Express Deck
Harddartz is 100% Australian owned, made and run. We’re fully about the surfing and froth most on the creative possibilities that lie ahead of us all.

$900 each includes a free Harddartz T-shirt.

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